We are delighted to welcome Dan Ogden, a Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Consultant, to the ever growing team of professionals at Somerset Osteopathic Clinic.

Whether your goal is rehabilitation from surgery or injury; fitness; sports performance; improvement of body composition or aesthetics, Dan’s energy, expertise and knowledge is a dependable and highly reassuring asset. With carefully planned programming and nutritional support, Dan can help you not only return to full health, but attain the seemingly unachievable.

Initial 15 minute phone consultations with Dan are FREE to Clinic patients. Click here to book now. If, after your call with Dan, you would like to schedule a one-on-one Personal Training or Rehabilitation session then this is available for the introductory price of just £15 for a 30 minute session! We believe this is the best value Personal Training session around!

A little bit more about Dan

Dan is passionate about sport and fitness. Among the vast array of sports Dan is involved in, he plays rugby at a national level. His passion and interest in sport was what gave him a thirst to understand their physical demands. A move toward the health and fitness industry was therefore a logical step for Dan, who has since become an accomplished personal trainer, which he excels at.

His work has taken him into a vast range of settings as a personal trainer, and enabled Dan to deliver services for a wide variety of requirements from specific sports training, to group training in gyms and also training individuals on a one to one basis. Each one of these settings has tested Dan’s skill level and enabled him to develop the specific approach which he now applies to each patient he sees from the clinic, ranging from post-surgical to those aiming to develop their sporting prowess and competency.

The scope of Dan’s work has driven him toward a focus on patient-led rehabilitation. This extremely rewarding work has huge benefits for patient recovery, whilst also reflecting the clinic’s commitment to delivering the very best for our patients.

Please feel free to reply to contact us with any questions you have about this exciting new service.

Ed Cossart

Ed Cossart

Ed is the Clinic Director and an Osteopath. He gained a first-class applied masters degree in osteopathy from the world-renowned European School of Osteopathy.