Lowest Price Guarantee

We want to ensure your treatment offers the best possible value. To do this we offer a ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’. Subject to some T&C’s below, we guarantee you can see an Osteopath or Sports Massage therapist for an initial appointment, for the lowest price available in the area.

Check out our T&C’s below for full details and click here to book your appointment.


Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

  1. Lowest price guarantee applies to initial Osteopathy or Sports Massage appointments only with Shantal Farrell or Elly Dove.
  2. We will match the price of a competitor providing they are: a) A licensed Osteopath or qualified Sports Massage Therapist and b) Registered and insured and c) also affiliated to a Clinic (rather than at a home address).
  3. Operate in a Clinic within 15 miles of South Petherton.
  4. Are offering a comparable treatment of the same duration.
  5. We must be able to verify that a competitor’s offer is both comparable and currently running at the time of your appointment.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to beat a competitor’s price. The final decision on whether or not the Lowest Price Guarantee will be honoured rests with the Clinic Director.