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We are very pleased to welcome Georgia King to the Somerset Osteopathic Clinic team. Georgia’s massage skills are an invaluable addition to our existing skill-set, helping us to broaden the range of services we offer.

Although we already offer sports massage, Georgia will now be providing Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, as part of our non-clinical services range.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage can have a wide range of benefits. Simultaneously deeply relaxing and stress reducing. It can have many other health benefits, including pain management; increased blood flow and increased flexibility.

Despite being relaxing, Swedish massage can also be and energizing, helping to provide a feeling of overall wellbeing and thereby easing anxiety or depression. Swedish massage uses light-medium pressure for relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

By comparison, Deep Tissue massage uses medium-firm pressure for restoration and correction. It is performed with the aim of preventing and treating sports injuries; improving athletic performance and promoting emotional stress relief. Deep Tissue massage can also be useful if you perform repetitive work that causes considerable strain on muscles or joints.

As well as hands and fingertips, knuckles, forearms and elbows may also be used to stretch and knead more challenging areas of tissue. This is designed to remove lactic acid build-up, whilst improving muscle tone and flexibility.

Appointments and Availability

Georgia is currently offering availability on some Sundays between 8am and 12:30pm, starting this Sunday 2nd May. Availability is limited, so if you are interested, early booking is advised. You can book online here, alternatively please call us on 01460 984 684 for more information and to book.

I am delighted to welcome Georgia to the team, and I’m confident that a broader range of massage will be of great benefit to our patients.

Ed Cossart

Ed Cossart

Ed is the Clinic Director and an Osteopath. He gained a first-class applied masters degree in osteopathy from the world-renowned European School of Osteopathy.