About Somerset Osteopathic Clinic

Established in 2016 by Edward Cossart M. Ost, Somerset Osteopathic Clinic offers affordable, effective Osteopathic treatment to patients from across the South West including Sherborne, Yeovil and Taunton.

The Clinic Osteopaths successfully treat many hundreds of patients each year who are suffering from a range of physical ailments including back pain, arthritis, knee and other joint pain.

Clinic Staff

Osteopath Ed Cossart

Edward Cossart

Clinic Director & Osteopath

Edward gained a first-class applied masters degree in osteopathy from the world-renowned European School of Osteopathy. He was a student of leading osteopaths, learning osteopathic techniques including visceral, structural, myofascial, functional and cranio-sacral. His anatomy tutors included multi award-winning Osteopath Gerry Carter and internationally esteemed Professor of Anatomy, Frank Willard. In addition to other osteopathic courses, Edward’s training incorporated three years of medical imaging. As a result he is qualified to refer for diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, X-ray and CT scanning. This vastly improves his diagnostic capability, enabling a more accurate prognosis and safe selection of appropriate treatment.

Shantal Farrell

Shantal Poppy

Osteopath (M.Ost) & Sports Massage Therapist

Shantal recently relocated to Dorset after gaining a masters degree in osteopathy from the prestigious European School of Osteopathy. Whilst undertaking research for her dissertation, Shantal was heavily involved in the management of those with Parkinson’s disease using osteopathy. She also has a keen interest in the treatment of babies and children using cranial osteopathy as well as women during pregnancy. In addition to training as an osteopath, Shantal has qualifications in sports massage which has helped enhance her skill set when treating sports injuries with osteopathy. We are excited to welcome her to Somerset Osteopathic Clinic where we know her varied expertise will be reflected in the effective treatment offered to patients at the clinic.

Karl Kennett

Exercise Rehabilitation Consultant

Karl’s keen interest in human health, and fitness stems from his 22-year career in the Royal Navy, where he gained significant expertise coaching and rehabilitation experience. A keen interest in human performance led Karl to specialise within his field, driving him to qualify as an injury specialist. Coupled with his valuable experience as a sports massage therapist, Karl has since expanded his healthcare skills by requalifying as an osteopath at the internationally renowned University College of Osteopathy. His combination of training, coaching, rehabilitative, and manual therapy skills make Karl a particularly valuable practitioner within his field. Karl’s specific role among our team is twofold – as part of the Clinical team where he offers sports massage. Secondarily through exercise rehabilitation, helping patients move better and decrease pain levels in both acute and chronic cases. His tenacity, drive and strategic management of patients make him an incredibly valuable member of our team.

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