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An estimated 80% of people suffer from back pain in the UK every day. If you have back pain, we need to find out where your pain is coming from and how to get it better. This is how we plan to make you better:

  • Case history – possible causes and reason for onset will be discussed
  • Examination – we look to see where the pain is and why it is there
  • Treatment – effective, direct treatment is given, to make you feel better
  • Three stage plan – A management plan will be put in place along with a package of care to ensure you continue to get better

If it is not appropriate to treat you we will make a referral or signpost you to an allied clinician (e.g. your G.P.) so that you can get the care you need. This happens in the minority of cases.

How can osteopathy help your back pain?

  • Our promise to you is that we will give you the most effective treatment we can and to improve your symptoms as quickly as possible
  • Osteopathy aims to restore function in the joints and soft tissues and to the whole body as a result
  • We work gently but effectively to resolve the issue in the structure causing pain e.g. bone, muscle joint, tendon or ligament
  • We aim to find the source of the pain and where possible treat that
  • The emphasis on treatment is to find a full and lasting recovery
  • To facilitate a speedy recovery we have a rehabilitation specialist who will visit you at home. Rehabilitation is used to help consolidate the work of your practitioner to ensure your back pain does not return.

Do you crack backs for pain relief?

Just like a tradesman would have a range of tools in their box, we as osteopaths have a range of suitable techniques, effective at treating back pain, these include:

  • Articulation – mobilising joints in order to restore full function
  • Muscle inhibition – focused pressure on a muscle to relieve tension
  • Massage – specific remedial techniques to restore full function in the muscle
  • High velocity thrust – the classic ‘clicking’ technique to restore bone position
  • Cranial osteopathy – aims to work with fundamental body rhythms for health
  • Muscle Energy technique – uses muscle strength to stretch for pain reduction
  • Strain-counterstrain – overcoming movement barrier by encouraging the body
  • Visceral techniques – creating space for the organs to function fully
  • Functional techniques – very gentle and aims to encourage the body to repair

The osteopaths at Somerset Osteopathic Clinic are qualified to ensure that your pain is treated safely. We work as an integrated team to ensure all the factors in your case are closely managed to relieve you from pain.

If you would like an appointment with one of the Clinic’s Osteopaths then click here to book today.

Ed Cossart

Ed Cossart

Ed is the Clinic Director and an Osteopath. He gained a first-class applied masters degree in osteopathy from the world-renowned European School of Osteopathy.